The "Victor Meldrew" Page

Why Victor?

Victor Meldrew is a fictional character from the BBC’s successful series ‘One Foot in the Grave’, created by the writer David Renwick. In fact, it was so successful that the name ‘Victor Meldrew’ became synonymous with a grumpy, elderly man who is constantly complaining about the world around him.

In truth, though, the character was not really grumpy by nature, and the issues about which he spoke out and got angry were generally those which most reasonable people would want to do if only they had the nerve, and many if not most viewers admired him for doing so.

Nobody ever said “life is fair”, and in the real world doesn’t it often seem that the people who always try to do the right thing are the ones penalised for no justifiable reason.

Below we relate some 3 to 4 minute real-life stories of people who got ‘beaten by the system’ …….. you may believe unfairly so. Yet by taking proper advice in good time and before it became too late, it is quite probable they would have been able to achieve a happier result, instead of having to bang their heads against a virtual brick wall.


Teenage Sweethearts


Mother & Daughter


Life savings gobbled up by care fees.


A little knowledge is dangerous.

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