Wills for Unmarried Couples

(Wills for unmarried couples who want to ensure their assets eventually pass to their own family, but want to provide for their partner during his or her lifetime.)

If you are not married to your partner, it may be your wish that if you die first he or she is provided for, but that on their death those assets which belonged to you pass to your own family, rather than to the family of your partner.

Everyone’s circumstances are different.

Some clients have children with their unmarried partner, some have children from a previous marriage or relationship, and others have no children at all.

Depending on your particular situation and your intention, there are different ways of drafting Wills to give effect to your wishes.

For some, giving the surviving partner a right to live in your home is sufficient.

For others the solution might be to give your partner a life interest in all you own; in other words, not only are they able to live in your property, but if more appropriate they can rent it out and keep the income.

They would also be able to enjoy the interest from your savings.

On their death, the property and savings will pass to whoever you have named in your Will, and will not pass to your partner’s family (unless they are among the beneficiaries you have named).

For complete flexibility where you’re unsure what your partner’s needs might be on your death because you have no idea what age they will be, or in what state of health, it may be more appropriate to put some or all that you own into a discretionary trust.

The potential beneficiaries of this discretionary trust would be your partner, together with whoever else you name – e.g. your children, brothers and sisters, nephews, nieces or parents.

The Trustees can then provide your partner with whatever he or she might need, while retaining control over the remainder of your assets and possibly avoiding future inheritance tax or care fees (which might have otherwise been incurred if your partner had been left the assets outright or given a life interest as I described).

By discussing your particular circumstances with you and your partner and listening to what you want to happen when the first of you dies, we are able to give advice that is specifically right for you.

We can then draw up Wills that are tailored for your particular circumstances and give effect to your wishes.

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