Make A Will

It’s not an exaggeration to say that having your Will drawn up is one of the most important tasks any person ever has to deal with.

It’s through your Will that you can ensure your assets and belongings, and your hard-earned savings, pass to the people you choose, and you decide who is to wind up your affairs after your death.

Yet incredibly, the majority of adults endlessly delay dealing with this essential task – and many put it off until it’s too late.

None of us likes to have to think about a time when we are no longer here, or have lost our mental faculties, but all too often those we leave behind are left vulnerable because when we die no up-to-date Will can be found.

If you die without a valid Will, it’s the law which determines who inherits all that you’ve left, and these may not be the people you would have chosen.

Further, if you have children under eighteen the Court will have no idea whom you wished to be their legal guardian.

As well as dealing with all this, a Will can often protect your assets from your beneficiaries’ future divorce or bankruptcy, it can protect your home from being sold to pay your next of kin’s care fees, and of course can help avoid an inheritance tax liability.

So it’s imperative that you deal with this essential task without putting it off any longer, and that you seek assistance from solicitors who give you the very best specialist advice for your own particular situation, in plain English.

Everybody’s circumstances are different, and only by listening to what our clients are hoping to achieve, and then explaining any possible difficulties or suggesting alternative ways of attaining their objectives, are we able to ensure that their Will fully and accurately reflects their wishes.

We can also explain what other steps, other than through their Will, can be taken to achieve their aims, and we do this in a manner that is patient, careful and above all, accurate.

This is why our name has been synonymous with this area of law for some thirty years: and why over ninety per cent of our new business comes from word-of-mouth referral and personal recommendation from existing clients.

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